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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Many Faces of JD

It is very hard to believe that this is the very same person I hate/scared, I 'boo' at and I 'mad' at, the very versatile Johnny Depp.

Scary siot. It was 1990 and I was 18, I thought that this was really a horrible man to meet.

Well, didn't watch this movie but the look make me want to puke (muka macam pompuan).

Pheww... speechless....

And I just found out that he was also one of the cast in Sleepy Hollow.

Update 20/6/2007: Aku tak tahu 21 JumpStreet tu movie ke drama ke ntah ape... so definitely no picture here ok.


  1. I started to like him when 21 Jump Street began its run in Mesia way, way back...

    So far I have yet to be dissappointed with his performance. Yet to see his 3rd Jack Sparrow, even the 2nd one for that matter...


  2. mana rupa dia masa berlakon citer 21st jump street???


  3. yup... i suka masa 21 jump street. pastu dah tak handsome lagi.

  4. saya minat giler masa Johnny Depp berlakon 21 Jump Street

    akak,ada satu movie saya baru tgk,tp dh agak lama le jugak..JD dgn Kate Winslet..tajuk citer Finding neverland

  5. Memang takut siot masa dia berlakon edward siccorhand tu ...

    21 Jump Street..
    Mini siries tu ...
    zaman sekolah sekolah ...

  6. MatRedo1
    I really can't recall 21 jump street... and unfortunately I only like JD for Jack Sparrow...

    Tak kenal pun sapa dia tu...

    Funny coz I think he is really really really handsome as Jack Sparrow...

  7. Kak Luna
    Femes gak cerita 21 jump street tu yek? Tapi aku blurrr aje pun

    Ramai peminat JD ni kan, tapi aku minat Jack Sparrow, aku tak minat JD tu...

  8. i love anything Tim Burton and anything Johnny Depp...

    Masa 21 Jump Street tuh ada kat TV dulu, saya baru aje berjaya di potty train kan...pada ketika itulah cintaku pada Johnny Depp berputik..

  9. You were scared of him when he was in Edward Scissorhands? He was c.u.t.e even then. Always liked him, still do. Eccentric! He plays 'em roles well!!