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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taklimat ICC - panduan kepada kumpulan baru

Alhamdulillah taklimat pagi ini berjalan dengan lancar.

Presentation material yang aku sediakan tu sebenarnya kurang sesuai untuk participants pagi tadi. Namun, ianya bukan masalah besar memandangkan dalam thumb drive saya ada banyak lagi presentation material lain. Jadi saya tunjukkan yang mana yang bersesuaian.

Most of the participants were new to ICC. Some without knowledge on ICC at all. Honestly, I think it was easier this way. I focused more on sharing my experiences with them, rather than on the ICC aspects itself. At this stage, the most important thing is for them to make the very first step. For 2 hours briefing, certainly not suitable for me to explain in details about the analysis to be done or on what kind of tools to be used.

I highlighted on the important of having the first meeting. Why? Because many of my friends told me that they don't have any project for ICC. So I asked them, "Have you arrange for meeting?" Most of the time, the answer was "no, we are too busy"

Believe me, no meeting, no project.
Just as simple as that. be continue.

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