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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Of browser and local blogger

What's up? What's up.... akuni in the house......

Notice something different in my blog today?



May be that can explain why I'm blogging in bahasa omputih lately.

Today, I have to switch to Mozilla Firefox because I don't know what's wrong with IE, some webpages in blogspot didn't seem to appear the way its suppose to be. I was able to put up the google adsense in this blog through mozilla. What browser are u using? Netscape? IE? Mozilla? I heard there were a few more new browsers available for the public but at the moment, I am okay with IE and mozilla.

I almost give-up on blogging actually but I was inspired by one article in NST last week about a local blogger. I have yet to visit that blog but 2000 hits a day? No kidding.
sorry, tak jumpa article tu online

Jom visit the blog:

ala... biasa-biasa aje blog tu pun... (dengki la tu)


  1. 2000 hits a day? banyak tu.. tapi kalau neeza ada tulis something yang agak2 secret dan tak nak orang tertentu baca, takut gak tu hehehe..

  2. Neeza
    Itu yang saya baca kat paper la... rasanya betul sebab website dia tu, readers nya worldwide...

  3. Neeza
    Sorry, actually it was 6000 to 7000 hits per day.