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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Our 11th Anniversary

It might just be another public holiday for others but today marked our 11th anniversary. No bouquet of roses or candle light dinner but we are too happy that we make it till today. I really spoiled it last night because I had a headache and not able to have that wonderful, romantic night with hubby. So today we decided to left the kids at home with my sister to babysit them and went to 'ronda2'. Initially we planned to watch the movie at The Curve but tickets were sold out. Off we went to Masjid India. Hubby said there is a delicious mee rebus stall there. Unfortunately it was packed with human and cars, no parking space left for us and simply it was not my rezeki for mee rebus. We went to Restoran Sup at Jln Raja Abdullah to have sup lidah and mee goreng mamak instead.

On the way back to Shah Alam we made a de-tour and decided to check-out the newly opened Digital Mall at Section 14, PJ. It was said to be better and bigger that Loyat Plaza but to my dismay it wasn't. Well, it does has an advantage though, it is nearer to Shah Alam. Guess what? We bought 2 pirated DVDs (I heard that there is no more pirated DVDs and software at Loyat nor Imbi).

To celebrate our anniversary with the kids, I bought sate and cake for dinner.

I really enjoy the day and hope that we can spend more time together. I don't need those roses or diamonds and what not, being together is more than I could asked for.


  1. Your anniversary on 1st May? Samalah kita. hehe.... but this time round tak pergi mana2 because Helena demam and batuk teruk, so duduk rumah ajele..... order take away aje.... hehe

  2. hehe..sama lah jugak dengan saya..saya dh 9 tahun (tapi saya kira dari tarikh 'declare' bkn tarikh kawin.. :P) ..wah wah wah..ramainya geng..patut kita buat satu gathering kat mana2 utk raikan hari yg istimewa ni kan?

  3. Tahniah tahniah tahniah. Semoga berkekalan.

    Digital Mall PJ? Went there, my conclusion still far to beat low yat

  4. Tahniah Kak Ni.... masa yg diluangkan bersama tu lagi berharga dari reta benda kan.. :)

    Dah 11 tahun dah eh..

  5. selamat masuk keje balik.. & Happy Anniversary!!Insya Allah.. happy together forever, aminnn!

    I hope everything's ok with adik.

  6. Happy Anniversary...Congratulations for the 11th year! :)
    so far mmg takde tempat lain boleh beat Plaza Low Yatt..but for the cheapest software cds u can get it at this cd shop in Mines Shopping Fair...

  7. Helena & KakLuna;
    Kena buat mental note, next year may be boleh arrange something for us... heheheh

    Memang pun, tempatnya kecik aje....

    Hah ah.. dah 11 tahun, tak sangka no... Alhamdulillah

    Tenkiu. Alhamdulillah Adik ok.

    Loyat still top on the list Setakat ni digital mall tu masih jual lagi yang pirated punya.